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NASCAR to Daughters, Lawson Healthpop

After the University of Iowa's disappointing loss to Iowa State in football last year I've decided to contribute to the referee trust fund to make sure Iowa gets “consideration” on all penalties called next year.  So if you're a betting man/person feel confident where you put your money on next year's game.  

On a related note, the American Academy of Physicians has a new partnership with Coke in an effort to educate people on how to incorporate Coke's products into a balanced diet.  Further, the CEO of Coke added that Coke has nothing to do with obesity and it's the other foods that people eat that has made us fat.  

Considering our greatest source of sugar comes from soda that means that the CEO is . . . an unmitigated liar.

Let me help you incorporate Coke into a balanced diet:  Open a can.  Poor it down the toilet.  There, you now have balance.  If I tried to come up with an analogous joke I simply couldn't top “incorporating Coke into a balanced diet”.  Maybe something about a Turkish bathhouse in San Francisco partnering with Focus on the Family, but why try.  

My wife and I went to the NASCAR race last Sunday.  I have to admit we don't know a heck of a lot about the sport – at least my wife doesn't.   I've actually won prizes for driving at a certain speed in the past so I do have a little experience.  Unfortunately, I didn't win any money so much as I had to pay around $300 (with court costs).

My point is, we had a pretty good time.  We got to draw the names of drivers for door prizes, eat free food, and make fun of my wife.

I should say, make fun of my wife's draw.  She didn't just pick the slowest car, she picked a car that didn't have a sponsor on the hood and pulled off the track at about 40 laps for no evident reason other than tires cost too much.  

I'm sure it was devastating for the driver but . . . not as devastating as my father-daughter situation.  Haley didn't get accepted to her dream school so she decided on St. Louis University.  Before it was actually decided she put us through the exercise of applying to a school in Germany because they have a neuroscience program she's interested in.  Haley just wanted to see if she'd get accepted  after her disappointment with Duke and Washington University.

Well, she got accepted last week. . . . and she's going to college in Germany.


Somebody want to tell me what just happened?   I mean . . . what?  I remember holding her as a baby. I remember eating dinner with her.  I remember dropping her off at the airport in August so she could spend her senior year in Switzerland.  I remember crying on her floor when I got back from the airport. I remember being interested in where she would go to college and being excited about her coming home.  I remember being a little irritated about applying to a German school that she wasn't serious about and I remember going to a NASCAR race.

I also remember trying to put an old pair of jeans on this morning and spraining my neck.  It's a complicated maneuver, but you know you've gained weight when you sprain your neck putting on pants.  

I digress, life is something, huh?  I never even wanted kids . . . now one is breaking my heart because I miss her.  Talk about selfish (her, not me!) . . . now that I think about it, she's the one that gave me those pants one Christmas.  Leaves the country and then sprains my neck.  
I'm probably closer to retirement than I am her birth date.  What just happened?

One thing life always offers is change and the fact of the matter is, change is what causes us to recognize things.  It's easier to recognize heat when we're cold and it's easier to recognize family when it's gone.

Well, this is Healthpop so I have to say, it's easier to recognize health when it's gone too.

That being said, I've spent the last four months pouring over studies related to inflammation, the immune system, and stress and I have come to one conclusion about health (and life).  We are missing balance.  That's it, the rest is near trivia.

Coke and the American Academy of Physicians don't understand balance.

For example, I've read arguments for and against high fructose corn syrup (none are really “for” HFC so much as claiming it's the same as sugar) and I have to say we are so far out of balance the argument doesn't matter.  If we were talking about 15 grams of sugar or HFC (per day) it would be one thing, but we are not.  Here's a real life example:  one serving of Bush's Baked beans has the same amount of sugar as a chocolate bar.  One serving is half a cup.  

Who would consider giving their kid a hamburger and a candy bar for lunch?  Actually, quite a few now that I think about it.  I once watched someone give their newborn soda through a straw in my office – just dropped it in the babies mouth with the old put the finger on the end of the straw trick and let the finger go to release the liquid.  Sweet baby high . . . sweet parent stupidity, and I'm not apologizing for that one.

I'm sure a typical summer Sunday meal could easily consist of a 20 oz. soda, grilled hamburger and a cup of baked beans.  Which in reality is  . . . conservatively, 15 teaspoons of sugar for lunch.   Not to mention, all pro-inflammatory fat.   My point is, we have no balance on sugar/sweetener, and that doesn't even address the type of fat it is or turns into.

You need to realize all your cells are lined with fat.  Your diet determines if that fat is pro or anti-inflammatory.  You literally determine your cells make-up and its disease potential.  I'll talk on that in the office in the near future when I explain balance.

Half the time we pay for “alternative potions” is just to compensate for that little nugget.   

So all the focus on health today is on inflammation's contribution to disease.   You have to realize that when you consume this amount of sugar you're not likely to resolve inflammation.  Just take Ibuprofen 'till the cows come home . . .  I know I'll be taking Jack Daniels 'till my daughter comes home, but that's a different story. By-the-way,  the issues with HFC are whether or not HFC keeps you hungry and raises triglycerides (yes and yes). 

I read a forum where a contributor said to use Splenda, it's the best option, everyone else is stupid . . . Well, this is from a med line study on Splenda:  Technical gobbledygook, yada-yada . . .  Following the 12-wk recovery period, only the total anaerobes and bifidobacteria remained significantly depressed, whereas pH values, . . .  blah-blah . . . remained elevated.  Evidence indicates that a 12-wk administration of Splenda exerted numerous adverse effects . . . should I continue?

Sooooo, Splenda is the better option?  It selectively reduces good bacteria in the gut at one 5th of the  allowable amount.  How do I not curse at this point?  I think I'll pour a shot, Jack Daniels makes more sense than Splenda . . . and Budweiser sponsoring Alcoholics Anonymous makes more sense than Coke and the American Academy of Physicians.

Companies that mass produce food focus on taste for sales.  That's an obvious requirement and important for business.  I focus on my charm and good looks for business.  It's obviously an unfair advantage, but I'm a businessman first . . . However, what you have to understand is that they are going to scientific extremes (beyond the scope of Healthpop) to figure out how to get us to eat the maximum amount of food while preventing our brains from fatiguing from the flavor.   Think about that one for a second because it's real.  My wife made a “bread” with almonds instead of flour because we're looking at recipes to cut down on wheat . . . DUDE . . . three bites and you're done.  It doesn't even taste horrible, you just get sick of it.    You don't believe me?  Google:  bliss point.

 And then they manipulate you by saying things like “low fat” and then double the sugar or it says “lite” and then double the fat and/or salt.   

It's all garbage and meanwhile our national health care debate is on who pays for insurance not our disease inducing habits that lead to expensive treatment. . . and our doctors are selling out to Coke.

Look, I read studies that are the equivalent of looking at a doilies on a coffee table when there's a rhino on the  couch.  Prevention is ignored, cures are sought.  Okay, I get it, you have to make money . . .

For example I have a study on the relationship between NFKB (a gene promoter and inflammation driver), Aromotase (stuff that makes estrogens),  obesity ( the stuff 60 percent of us see in the mirror) and cancer.

The paper ultimately decides that it gives good evidence now on a pharmaceutical direction to treat breast cancer.  

Here's the thing:  The study starts out by making mice post-menopausal and then they feed them an “obesogenic” diet to make the mice fat.  PAY ATTENTION HERE:  That's how the mice got cancer, they got  fat after menopause from a bad diet. Then they got cancer.  The study was to determine where to interfere with the process with a drug.  How about interfering with the obesogenic diet first?!

Nowhere in the conclusion do they emphasize the importance of society managing “its” weight based upon the research.  That's the Rhino on the couch in  ALL of these studies.  They ignore the disease inciting behavior in the conclusion.  

The purpose of research is to give direction on how to cure disease – which is important when things are too out of control to manage by doing what God (bible) said -  treat the body as a temple, but it doesn't help a country whose insurance premiums cost half what a living wage was just 30 years ago.   

I'm not naive as to the limits of prevention- I also promise you that prevention is more valid than you recognize.  For example,  I researched the top countries and cancer incidence . . . I couldn't find India on a list.  Crappy water, rats everywhere and no cancer (no Alzheimer's either).

I don't mean to sound heavy handed, you know I'm not . . .   I'm probably drunk. My daughter is moving to Germany for goodness sakes.  What do they drink in India?

I'm gonna call the Coke CEO and see if Coke can balance out my daughter moving to Germany.  By the way, she'll only be 45 minutes from . . . Lubeck, Germany.  Maybe it was destiny.


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