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Easy Heart Attack Prevention

Tom Hanks told us he has diabetes. He thinks it's from gaining and losing weight for movies. Maybe. What I would tell Tom is that if your belly is big, you're already insulin resistant (especially if it's bigger than your backside), your blood fat is high, your body is inflamed, and you aren't getting any shirtless beach volleyball scenes with Tom Cruise in your next movie. Tummy fat operates different than other fat, it's bad stuff. Tummy fat doesn't get tired of insulin like other cells so it winds up stealing energy from the rest of your body, firing up the immune system in a bad way, and causing some men to take their shirts off at sporting events with a big letter painted on their chest and making cartoonish dances for television cameras. Fat just does crazy things.

The good news is that just losing 7% body fat can prevent diabetes by 60% according to the US Dept. of Health and human Services. Although that's a pretty generic statement. More later . . .

One of my favorite lines from a movie comes from, The Descendants. George Clooney says to his daughter, who won't be able to camp on a property that the rest of the family got to experience - due to a sale: “Everyone has their time”. A simple line, easy to miss.

I don't really know all the detail except that recently a good man didn't have the same day he'd had for 40 plus years. Part of his normal day, from my observation, was for him to get up and warmly greet everyone who crossed his path, be a pretty darned good husband (for more years than I've been alive), serve as greeter and board member of his church, and a be guy that would brighten a person's day with the flowers his wife put together for delivery. Small towns get to experience these things.

No, on this morning he woke up, but he couldn't move. A frightening morning, but the diagnosis he was given didn't have a dire consequence. Typically, it didn't.

We were blessed with less than another month of Harry Morris after the diagnosis.

I didn't know Harry well, but the people that I've asked about him always smile before they respond. I know that his wife, who has provided flowers for countless funerals now has the biggest arrangement of her life to manage. This is a new time for her. A time of loss, a time of recognition, a time to find out how much impact Harry had on people. And of course up to another couple years of trying to emotionally navigate through this change. It's hard, I've seen it close up too many times now.

So to respond to George Clooney: Now is your time. What are you going to do with it?


I may currently be in the most unique situation in the world. See if you agree:

A couple weeks ago I was talking to a 90 year old man, discussing my daughter going to college in Germany. He asked me specifically what city her college was in and I answered, “Bremen”.

The man paused, looked slightly to the right, and said, “yep” he looked back at me and continued, “I bombed it. I bombed it twice. They were tough ones in Bremen”.

. . . Top it, I dare you. To recap: I know a guy that literally dropped bombs (70 years ago) from the sky, in another continent, onto the city that my daughter is going to college. Weird .



Any time you ask someone that's a fan of water how much you should be drinking per day they inevitably say half your body weight in ounces.

What difference does drinking water really make? I mean really. Well, I talked to a functional medicine guy that draws a lot of . . . I don't know if I should say it because some people are sensitive to the “B” word. I live in a house with three women and they hate the “B-word” . . . blood, he draws a lot of blood. There, I said it so let's not get grossed out. Anyway, he said sometimes he'll do a simple stick and it's nearly impossible to get just a couple drops from some people. Then he'll have them hydrate and presto, he can get all he needs.

Think about that for a minute . . . Time's up. I know you started thinking about how good the Chiefs will be this year so I need to get you back on track.

If you can't squeeze out a couple drops of blood from a simple stick how much harder do you think it is for your heart to push fluid around your body if you're “dry”?


Now you have to wonder if there's any stats to back up dehydration and heart attack right? No need to wonder, I looked it up.

A 2002 Journal of Medical Epidemiology article shared a study revealing that people who drank five or more glasses of plain water per day experience half the risk of fatal coronary heart disease compared with those who drank less than two glasses each day. Yeowch.

. . . Even further, in a non-published, non-verifiable study it was discovered that people who receive wellness care at Lawson Chiropractic never die from anything. True story. Remember, as the first Chiropractor speculated 118 years ago there are 3 causes of disease: STRUCTURE, chemical, and autosuggestion (stress, negative subconscious thought).

Speaking of drinking water . . . I was at a seminar in Denver recently, and I learned something about Boulder CO that I wasn't aware of before. Evidently, they have a problem with male fish. No, they (the fish) aren't vandals or juvenile delinquents. They aren't wearing their pants too low or their hats sideways. No, the problem is that . . . the male fish are missing something.. There's so much estrogen in the Boulder water the males are missing their male . . . parts.

I Googled it, it's true. It's better now though because the treatment facilities were upgraded to address the issue. After spending millions upon millions of dollars the consequence has been . . . the problem has slowed a bit.

We have sterile water. We don't necessarily have clean water. Oh, and areas that have the highest estrogen content in the water have the highest prostate cancer rates.


Hormones are complicated. For the last few years every health commercial on the radio is telling every male over 30 with a symptom his problem is low testosterone. During the first commercial I heard about this panacea my immediate thought was, “didn't we just go through 15 years of female hormone replacement only to decide it wasn't for the best if we wanted to reduce cancer and strokes?”

I'm sure you've already heard the following correct? . . .

The study found that reducing estrogen in men undergoing treatment for low testosterone resulted in a drop in libido and an increase in body fat, even as testosterone levels improved.” (The research is published in the New England Journal of Medicine) The testosterone given has to be able to convert to estrogen for it to work (recognized now, after the fact). 

Um . . . I. Told. Everyone. So. We still don't know what the impact on prostate cancer will be with all this testosterone treatment (it's on the rise btw).


If testosterone is low, eat low glycemic foods as insulin reduces testosterone. The second, lift weights. The third, make sure your magnesium and vitamin D status are okay (two of the 3 things I tell people to take anyway), and of course zinc and omega 3s.

Things aren't always as simple as, “oh your testosterone is low, take this”, or “you're cholesterol is high so take this”, in fact, a lot has to be ignored to accept the whack-a-mole-approach. It's like hearing that Duroflame logs heat better so you build your new cabin with them. Things aren't that simple. These are chemical issues.

Moving on, yet expanding on a theme . . . you know you don't have to be overweight to get diabetes right? You don't have to have a spare tire to eat wrong . . . right?

If I invented a pill that can cause Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, infertility, Depression, systemic inflammation and oxidation, poly-cystic stuff, destroy your kidneys, accelerate aging and cellular decay would you . . . . love it?

Well, that pill is food that stimulates a higher insulin response and we love it don't we?

I'll tell you two things to do (later in the letter) that will change the number of insulin receptors you have. What we do now is take Metformin to address the problem.

A study in 2002 demonstrated that changes in diet and lifestyle are more effective than Metformin, but let's think for a second . . . NO, NO, NO! Quit thinking about the Chiefs . . . Metformin decreases the rate that your body makes glucose stores, slows its absorption, and increases sensitivity to insulin a bit (it's actually not a horrible drug to be honest) . . . Think about it again . . . seriously, focus . . . . isn't everything I just said a result of the type of food you eat? . . . it is by the way. Once again, we put the solution to a health problem on a drug and ask nothing of the sick person. Sounds like a recipe for an expensive healthcare system to me.


If you sit a kid down to play video games for 45 minutes with potato chips he'll eat over 600 calories. If you give him cheese and vegetables he'll eat under 200 (I don't recommend cheese for anyone by the way). In other words, with chips he's consuming a 4th meal that consists of grease and insulin spiking carbs. What did I just tell you Brittani!!??!! (this is the type of thing I say to my daughter, sorry) I mean, what did I just tell you Heathpop reader?!? I told you raising insulin is not good for you.

The bigger question is, if a kid sits around playing video games why do we let them eat garbage when aren't burning any calories.  Think about it.  It's not like kids ate Cheetos thirty years ago while they played outside. It is a big deal.  Babies are being born today that already have fatty streaks in their arteries.


So how do you increase the number of insulin receptors without taking Metformin?

Well, insulin brings energy into the cell right? So if you need energy you need more receptors or receptors that are actually working right? So, to increase the number of receptors and the sensitivity to insulin you either deny the cell energy (so it makes more receptors) or increase the demand for energy.

So here's how you do it. 1.) You decrease the number of calories you consume 2.) you decrease the number of calories that provide too much quick energy (simple carbs) 3.) you exercise to increase the demand for receptors. You exercise intensely for brief intervals.


Here's how it comes full circle. If you're stressed (autosuggestion) you increase blood sugar which then increases insulin which over time causes insulin resistance. Regarding structure I've stolen the following quote from an M.D. From the University of Illinois department of family practice (just in case the word from a Chiropractor isn't good enough for you):

. . . “ In particular, it has long been noted that excess steroids cause weak hip and shoulder girdle muscles. What is not as obvious is that the converse is true: postures (such as excessive sitting), which lead to weak hip and shoulder muscles, promote the excess secretion of catecholamines and cortisol (your body's steroids). The reason? This "Neanderthal" posture, in which the shoulders and hips are flexed, mimics the "flight-or-flight" posture the body assumes when it is running or fighting. The flexion posture is an immediate invitation to the body to secrete "fight-or-flight" hormones. Note the emphasis in the martial arts on maintaining a straight spine, thus avoiding the artificial boost in energy that a release of catecholamines would provide. . . . . the "chin forward" posture also invites rapid aging. When the chin is jutted forward or the head tilted down, signals from the spinal cord terminate in the midbrain; this short-circuiting . . . and allows the lightning-fast responses needed for fight-or-flight . . . “

I highlighted the word catecholamines (stress chemicals) because they are produced and released by the nerves in your mid-back. Studies now show that people who sit or lie down the majority of their day have higher inflammation markers so . . .TAKE CARE OF YOUR POSTURE!! Chiropractic does matter if you're serious about taking care of your long term health.

There's your 3: Structure, Chemical, and Autosuggestion in a real small nutshell.


To rehash: 1.) I'm the coolest person you know because I know a dude that bombed my daughter's new town. 2.) drink water 3.) Hormones are complicated 4.) eat low glycemic food and work out – now you know one more reason why 5.) Seriously, Chiropractic is an unappreciated key in managing wellness.


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