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I can't sleep anymore

Whew, I'm tired. Last night I tossed and turned because Five Hour Energy kept me too antsy. Yeah, I woke up and then . . . I couldn't stop thinking about how stupid five hour energy is . . . Well, not 5 hour energy specifically.

In the morning sometimes I stop at a busy convenience store and like clockwork, I'm behind three high schoolers each with a can of Red Bull getting ready to start the day.

Healthpop would like to encourage society to use something from now until the end of its days. I try to use that something. My very own something. It's a very little thing I like to call, “my brain”. . . wait . . .

Okay, you're 16, what is it that you have that I have less of? Buzz in when you have the answer.



That was low my friend. No, the answer is energy. Sheesh. Everybody seems to look for energy instead of why they have “low” energy.

Well, I can tell you the one thing I've seen in every blood panel I've looked at so far (except one, now that I think about it): messed up blood sugar. I've seen diabetes flat out ignored on panels and diabetes missed because relationships between indicators are ignored for cholesterol. I've seen skinny people that run marathons w/ diabetes that was ignored. People that want me to sell their vitamin product w/ hyper vitaminosis, it goes on and on . .

I was gonna tell you a story here about a patient, but I dislocated my shoulder patting myself on the back so I'll make it shorter. Suffice it to say, I see blood panels weekly that have issues that are severe and have been ignored.

LONG STORY SHORT, I'll skip the technical stuff, but suffice it to say, after me ordering a second blood panel that a patient's doctor once again said was unnecessary . . . they wound up telling the patient: “Okay, we want you to continue with your diet, exercise, and working w/ your holistic provider”. The doctor's office was wrong twice about what we suspected.

Score one for the hairless, low potential, small brained Chiropractor. By the way, I'm not a holistic provider. I'm an Iowa fan. I'm not gonna lie, being an Iowa fan is better than staying at a Holiday Inn Express.

Now, what makes more sense, taking cholesterol drugs which have shown to cause diabetes in women, blunt intelligence and memory while you're on them, and claim to reduce fatal heart attack risk by 30% when it's really . . . never mind . . . it's too stupid . . . health comes down to more than cholesterol.

. . . Sooo, why do we let kids drink stimulants? They exhaust their adrenals, mess up sleep patterns, blood sugar, and make me wait too long in line at Quick Trip. By-the-way, you don't have to eat too much sugar to have blood sugar issues, stress and caffeine will do quite nicely.

Oh, here's a shout out to the Lawson Football team. A Hoosiers story if there ever was one. These kids have a story to remember forever. Amazing.

I actually have a very similar story. I mean, I would have if my high school won more than two games in 4 years . . . or if I was on the team.

Back to 5 hour energy. Do you know how to actually eat? Here's some advice: don't eat anything you've seen in a commercial.

So the reactive hypoglycemic insulin resitant person I mentioned previously (to the physician it was the high cholesterol person) asked me if a certain artificial sweetener would be okay with the recently discovered health issue and I said, “sweet is sweet, cut it out”.

The response, “okay, what do I use as a sweetener than?”

Cricket . . .

You see? If you don't there's no hope. Read it again. We culturally, systematically do things wrong regarding health, and it's a product of manipulation. Look up the top food manufacturing companies in the country and get back to me with one healthy product they make. Kraft, Phillip Morris (should have stayed w/ cigarettes), General Mills . . . just one. Restaurants?

It's all self fulfilling. Bad health habits, bad health care economy (or good if you make drugs).

Then how do we treat the sick? Drugs. What on a blood panel suggests your body is short on a drug?

Yes, drugs can be necessary sometimes, that goes without saying.

Right now, panels are used to check if you're diseased. Blood sugar at 100 you're okay (inaccurate by the way); blood sugar at 101 you're sick. Really? One point is the difference between health and disease? You can't look at just one thing, and you can't have lab ranges based on, “oh, well now your officially sick so it's time to take one drug for one problem”.

Except, the body doesn't have one problem, it doesn't work that way. One thing impacts the whole.

Medicine is the only field claiming a scientific basis in which general systems theory (everything is interconnected) has not become the acknowledged basis for study. Instead, we have specialists that cost an arm and a leg. A cholesterol drug does not make the whole better. It makes cholesterol better, and quite possibly it makes the whole worse.

Cardiovascular disease is recognized by its pathology: atherosclerotic plaques.

However, the development of plaques can be triggered by insulin resistance, folate deficiency, hyperhomocysteinemia, infections, heavy metals, dyslipidemias, stress, oxidized oils, and anything that increases inflammation.

For cardiovascular disease you get: Zocor, Lipitor, Crestor . . . drugs that treat one thing that is a consequence of many other things.

This way you can grow old and have nearly normal cholesterol!! . . . be stooped over, in pain and on 6 – 11 other drugs (that were never studied together) as time goes on because the insulin resistance that wasn't addressed initially, messed up your kidneys' sodium -potassium regulation raising your blood pressure, and the inflammation that was ignored from infections, insulin resistance etc. caused osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, adrenal fatigue making you tired and . . . decreased testosterone giving you a swollen prostate . . . but you'll be able to live to a ripe old 77 from the stents, surgery, pacemakers etc. to keep the stats happy.

The only reason I'm emphasizing all this is to encourage you to be proactive. You can avoid drugs if you start early and have the right environment/genetic combo - and often times even late.

It's Christmas buddy, lighten up! Well, your team didn't get beat by Iowa State in basketball. I'll be difficult if I want too. Give me a break, Iowa State Cyclones . . . more like, Iowa State Cholesterol.

Stents cost more than exercise and cutting sugar by the way. Yes, some of you have stents, it's not your fault.  You were not informed correctly when it could have been prevented.

Of course, figuring out cost isn't my job. Fortunately, I have a different job.

Now . . . if you lose your job don't go on a rampage like the kids that shoot up schools after they're taken off or still on their SSRI drugs. You know, the Serotonin drugs?

90% of your serotonin is made in your gut not your brain. Inflammation, insulin resistance, poor functioning thyroid, poor digestion, wheat, antibiotics, c-sections, stress, Splenda, chlorine, dysbiosis etc. all mess with the gut. Inflammation/immune system activity can also trigger messengers in the brain that cause depression. So can an MTHFR defect which can be tested. This defect messes up your body's methylation transactions.

You still haven't taken my probiotics by the way. 60 % of your immune system, 80% of your immuglobulins and plasma cells are in the lining of your gut. Unfortunately, if those cells are always up in arms they can start attacking . . . YOU. I just pulled a panel that demonstrated a person unknowingly had an autoimmune condition. The marker was one that isn't on a typical panel, but we found it.

You know, we can get a blood panel for you AT COST depending on what we do for $100-$300 and see where many of your system risks exist. OR you can bring in what you have and we can look at it the right way. This stuff is just fun for me, but it's crazy important if aging well is something you care about.

Today's example of real health: Now, good bacteria is important for the clearance of estrogen. If you don't have the good stuff, estrogen recirculates and causes problems. If you have a gut, fat cells turn testosterone into estrogen. They also produce pro-inflammatory cytokines. If you have a gut from alcohol your liver is too busy detoxing the alcohol to break down estrogen. You might as well get a prescription for prostate or breast cancer while your at it if those are the cases. I won't go into more detail, it's technical – I will say treating prostate cancer with estrogen is using estrogen like a chemotherapy agent; it doesn't mean estrogen is good for the prostate. You do understand that chemotherapy deprives your body of something important, like folate, in order to make cancer cells sick . . . and healthy cells sick later, right? What if you made sure your folate was appropriate from the start (it protects your DNA among hundreds of other things) so you decreased the odds you need chemo later? You can see it on a blood test . . . in fact, I had one doc read iron levels wrong, it was actually a folate problem, and he wanted to bleed the patient to decrease iron when iron was already low in the blood cell . . . it was just being stored at a high level.

. . . Why docs don't tell prostate cancer victims to lose weight, I don't know . . . why they also don't tell them to lay off milk since milk increases insulin-like growth factor 1 which stimulates growth in normal AND cancerous cells I don't know . . . Anyhoo . . .

Here's something wondrous to think about over Christmas. Ask any mechanic to take your car apart piece by piece and put it back together. He'll not only be able to do it, the car will run as well or better than before.

Then, ask a surgeon to take a person apart piece by piece and put him back together . . . see the difference? If you don't, just trust me, that dissected person won't start back up; in other words, life is special. It's different, it's vital. There's more there than what we see. It's why stress will kill you quicker than smoking. If you tell life this is too tough all the time, life will go away (look up "heart math"). Take care of it, take care of your friends, take care of your neighbors. THAT is what makes us happy. We're wired for it.

Many of you know Mr. Porth just passed away. I don't know the detail. I do know that he suffered a rare form of dementia. I have to say that the comforting thing for me was that apparently, this form only attacks those with high IQ's . . . whew!

When people learn that I don't suffer that malady (high IQ, not dementia) I like to use the word “cerebellum” just to make them think twice. Mr. Porth lived a full life, had a very prominent position at hallmark, five grand kids that were taller than me by the age of six, smarter than me by seven, he never had to use the word “cerebellum” . . . and a wife that embarrassed me with her strength one time. You see, I once lamented some things to her that were really bothering me. She provided council as a business person and hopefully a friend, but . . . she forgot to share one thing. The fact that the things that she was going through at the time dwarfed my issues. It takes character to not draw others into your challenges. To minimize drama. I was dealing with a minor office issue . . . she was dealing with an ill spouse, but she didn't say a word. She respected my fears, didn't minimize them with her bigger cross. Yep, I'm a loser.

Mr. Porth left a cast of characters that I think he'd be pretty happy with. Here's to a new year and recognizing what's important. And a recognition to the recently late Phyllis Kolbe, thanks for making a child that became a brother to me. We're all in this together, God Bless you all this new year.

Long stories short: I've confirmed it, we eat a stupid amount of sugar. Knock it off. If you're low on energy you probably have too much stimulation not too little or your sugar/adrenals are off. High cholesterol is a sign of this and you treat the problem, not the cholesterol (at first anyway). There's no point in having "normal" cholesterol, low energy AND sore muscles.



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