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Nutrition telephone and 2 secrets

In the late 90's I bought a stock called Safeguard Scientific. I had $600 and I bought it probably around $12. In short order it went to $60. I wondered, "Did I hit the jackpot?". People have bought stocks in the past and become millionaires right? So I rode that baby until it hit $20 dollars . . . fortunately, I had another stock that became worthless and another that I still have today, but it isn't worth the cost of closing the original account.

My point? This is where we are with convenience and food. At one time it was convenient, but now, it's the reason Medicare will go bankrupt unless we change. It's killing us all.

Do you remember the telephone game? You tell one person a story and have them repeat it down the line to other people and by the time the last person hears the story it's completely changed. Well, food is like that to your chemistry.

Let's say we have just three people, a Missouri fan, a Kansas fan, and my mother 'n law from Nevada. I tell the Missouri fan that KU is building a 17.5 million dollar luxury apartment complex for their basketball players. The KU fan tells my mother 'n law and then I ask my mother 'n law what the story was. My mother 'n law answers, "Missouri football players are gay". See how quickly it changed w/ the wrong person in the middle?

Now, let's say we replace the KU fan in that line with fish oil and again ask my mother 'n law what the story is. She answers, "KU want's to spend 17.5 million dollars on luxury apartments for their basketball team, but the state and board of regents rejected the proposal so they are pursuing other sources of funding".

That's how significant your food impacts your health. The membranes of your cells literally change proteins in response to their environment (environment here is nutrition) and completely alter what they do. "Good fats" for example, alter inflammation responses, insulin responses and the outcome is completely different than if you eat bad fats - and added sugar. Now, sugar and caffeine add an addiction component.

If your read last month's Healthpop you saw my critiscism . . . kritisizm . . . complaints, about energy drinks. One thing I didn't touch upon was their addictive nature.

So here's how it works coming from someone that's far from an addiction expert. Substances that are addictive stimulate the reward center in your brain triggering a neurotransmitter called dopamine. Some people get a greater reward than others based upon their genetic make-up. The problem is, dopamine has a negative feedback loop so addicts need to continually try harder to get that reward after they initially got a greater reward than non-addicts. Different foods work differently on how that system clears itself.

Sugar triggers this mechanism. Food companies know this and that's partly why 80% of our food supply has added sugar.

Caffeine is addictive too, but it also stresses you out so the stress discomfort drives you to do something that causes you to think you feel better. . . ever see somebody with coffee and cigarettes?. Then you get down when the substance stops driving dopamine so you need refill on the substance every couple hours. Think about how bad it is to add caffeine to alcohol for addicts.

Caffeine wakes you up a bit by inhibiting the stuff the relaxes you. Unfortunately, studies show that while you work a little faster on caffeine, you more than make up for it w/ mistakes . . . Ha-ha, it's true.

So, why do you think tobacco companies had no problem putting warnings on their packaging? They already knew education doesn't work. In fact, it can stress you out and make you want the product even more. Learn how to relax folks!

Here's a line from Coca-Cola to fend off the new efforts to reduce soda consumption as part of their "coming together 2013" marketing effort: "Beating obesity will take action by all of us, based on one simple common sense fact: all calories count, no matter where they come from, including Coca-Cola and everything else with calories . . . "

Here's fact versus Coke's "common sense": for every 150 extra calories the change in diabetes goes up .1%; if those 150 calories are from soda it goes up 1.1% - that's a 20 million percent increase in diabetes if my math is correct. Sorry, just wanted to see if you're paying attention, it's 1100% more.

The 10 fattest states have two other things in common outside of being fat, w/ the exception of one state: They're also the least physically active, and they consume the most soda.

To my friends who have entrusted me with their care: Coke is lying. All calories are not the same.

Glucose starts to stick to things when it's in excess, in fact, that's how we measure diabetes now - how much sugar sticks to your blood cells. It's the same mechanism that browns things when we bake and barbeque, sugar causes a browning reaction.

We slow cook ourselves w/ sugar at 98.6 degrees. It's slower than barbeque because of the temp, but it's the same. We get a nice crust in our cartilage just like baking. When this reaction occurs it also creates a free radical so if we don't consume anti-oxidants we accelerate aging.

Remember me recommending alkaline foods? Well, a pH of 7.4 helps reduce the oxidation.

You want some irony? When we take statin drugs we reduce our ability to produce our own anti-oxidant, CoQ10, so we further age ourselves. CoQ10 also processes energy in the cell so the by- products of energy metabolism on statins is different. Fortunately, our heart can use that by-product of altered energy production, but no other cells like it at all.

We wouldn't dare give a kid alcohol, but we will give them Coke. Of course today, it seems like some of our kids behave like they're on a bender . . . If you give a kid candy they start climbing the walls because sugar reflexively causes our nervous system to burn off the sugar when our brain gets the message that it's full. That is, if the kid is thin . . . Heavy kids aren't producing the hormone that makes us feel full so they don't get the reaction to burn off the sugar - because their body doesn't know they've had enough. Hence, we have the notion that overweight people are lazy. Their bodies don't even think they like exercise because their messaging is wrong. Their physiology thinks their starving because insulin isn't working and it inhibits Leptin - the satiety hormone. A starving body doesn't want to move. Unfortunately, obese people aren't starving. In fact, there are now, for the first time, more obese people on the planet than actual starving people. Read last month's Healthpop. Our problem is sugar and I see it on everyone's blood panels.

What we eat for breakfast is usually the equivalent of a bowl of donuts. What we need is a good protein source to lower stress hormones as they are highest in the morning . . . the wrong time to eat sugar - as if there is a right time, is in the morning . . . and at night . . . and with food . . .

Here's a reality in numbers that may surprise you. 80% of obese people(72 million people) are sick because of it (57 million people). However, 40 percent of normal weight people have metabolic problems from sugar/fructose (67 million people). There are actually more thin people w/ "fat" problems than fat people. So now, if you're overweight and someone calls you fat, just tell them they're probably "skinny fat" which is worse. I'm going to give you the secret on how to avoid the problems created by sugar at the end so read on! In fact, I'll give you 2!

Obesity, to a certain extent, isn't really the problem. It's metabolic syndrome that's the problem. Medicine is trying to sell men testosterone now when the problem is more likely metabolic. I just saw the first class action lawsuit against testosterone creams last night - too many heart attacks apparently. One recent study published in the journal PLoS ONE, men aged 65 and older who took testosterone DOUBLED their risk of having a heart attack within the first three months of use, even if they did not have heart disease prior to starting the therapy.

Why would normal weight people have health problems the same as obese? Because it's not the fat you see that causes the problem. It's the fat underneath that's bad. It's the fat caused by stress and sugar/fructose that surrounds your organs. It's why BMI isn't really a great indicator of health. Visceral fat is only around 4% so when you weigh yourself you don't know what you're weighing.

Real food has high fiber and low sugar. Processed food has high sugar and low fiber. End. Of . Story.

Your body also has to detox. It's a real thing by the way. Some people have a genetic disposition to fail detoxing certain things. Ever meet someone that can't take drugs because of the side effects? Ever meet someone that seems to get no effect from drugs? That's individual capacity for detoxing. In fact, some physicians now do genetic tests to see how much of a cancer drug it will take for an individual to get the benefit. Those that don't detox well need lower doses. Even caffeine is detoxed. Your main detoxer is Glutathione by the way, and it gets used trying to protect you from the oxidation of sticky sugar. So now, fructose takes up detox space like alcohol and leaves you vulnerable to increased effects aging and "toxins".

People that smoke and get cancer . . . detox gene defect. So 'ol Ned that smoked 60 years and lived to 90 . . . if you want to use him as an example of why it doesn't matter what you do to take care of yourself, "when it's your time it's your time" . . . you better hope you have Ned's genes. Unfortunately, we have a "phenotype" as well as a "genotype". That means the environment you create in your body can change the expression of your genes, making your genes express themselves in unhealthy ways when they otherwise might not. See fish oil versus gay Missouri football players, the story changes depending on who is telling it, and likewise, your nutritional status can change your life story.

Look, I'm a really handsome guy. I know it because my mom told me and my wife told me. My wife even laughs after she says it so you know it's true . . . So how could I be fairly thin, little stress because of my good looks, and have a metabolic problem?

I take a rear end load of caffeine before I workout that's how. It's stupid and I couldn't figure out how come I look forward to drinking this concoction so much and it occurred to me that . . . caffeine triggers the reward center in my brain. If you can be addicted to one thing you're easily addicted to another. Imagine how much sugar I'd eat if I found out I'm not handsome? I'd have to replace the bad feeling w/ bad food that would make me feel better. A lot of eating is emotional.

. . . what do you mean I look like the ugly Wahlburg brother? . . . I need a candy bar . . .

Here's two secrets to avoiding the problems caused by sugar: 1.) QUIT EATING SUGAR, DUH 2.) EXERSIZE. Read labels, even some waters contain sugar. Read the archived newsletters at painandsneeze.com. See Ya!


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