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Now you know this one is important

I  can't remember if it was me or Bill Cosby that coined the phrase, "there's always room for chilli dogs", but I guess it doesn't matter. I've reached the age, like Bill did 20 years ago, where new health considerations arise and making room for more food shouldn't be a priority . . . Jell-o might be okay?

Twenty years ago I thought I'd clearly gotten older because weather seemed to become a topic of discussion. I never once said, “is it hot enough for ya” when I was 16. Maybe weather isn't old talk so much as mature talk.

Today, on occasion, I hear men talk about . . . the prostate. Weather be darned, prostate talk is old man talk, no room for debate.

I bring this up because I recently read two studies on prostate disease/cancer and green tea which were really fantastic, turns out, green tea reduces hepatocyte growth factor, and vascular endothelial growth factor, both of which are evil dudes that promote cancer cell division, help feed cancer, help cancer spread, and are hard to pronounce. Anyway, green tea was the bomb - as they say - in the studies.

I'm gonna change my saying to, "the prostate always has room for green tea” (three cups for some benefit, you need supplements to help fight active disease). Now, this is important: if you're going to use my saying don't make a mistake and combine the two. I'm telling you now, people will think differently about you if you say, “the prostate always has room for chilli dogs”.

Green tea also reduces something called, advanced glycation end products (AGE's), which are significant bad guys when it comes to the damaging consequence of elevated blood sugar - this is why it's short-sighted to run fasting blood sugar on blood work and skip something called A1C, but it happens all the time. A1C is actually a measure of AGE's.

I've seen a ton of “normal” fasting blood sugar levels only to order A1C for the patient on my own and viola', the patient actually has significant blood sugar issues. It should nearly always be ordered regardless.

Some immune cells actually have receptors for AGE's, which is seriously unfortunate. Those cells easily pass the blood brain barrier and . . . viola', brain inflammation and one more contributor to dementia.

On one hand, taking care of things “naturally” is harder than with drugs. Things like blood sugar. On the other hand taking care of things “naturally” cures the problem and doesn't cause other issues. It can definitely be done though.

There is a secret weapon. The secret weapon is free for all, all the time, by the way.

This isn't the secret weapon, but in the 90's there was a study comparing people that lived to 100 to other groups and found something really significant in their blood work. Turns out 100 year olds had something that was the equivalent to 50 year olds. It really isn't a standard blood test measurement unless a person has a relevant complaint – but it really speaks to predictive measures on blood tests in spite of symptoms. I'll tell you what it was in my office on the date below.

What I'm doing here is called, suspended curiosity . . . I don't exactly know what it's called to be honest. All I know is that they do this kind of thing on the news all the time. “Tune in at 11 tonight to find out how your cell phone will kill you by the morning” or “find out if 183 mph winds will hit your neighborhood before the escaped serial killer later in the broadcast”. They create an anxious sort of need.


Stressful. Stress . . . you know when people get shots for pain? That's really a shot of stress. It's a stress hormone that you get injected with. That tells you a lot about what stress does. The shot suppresses inflammation - and always remember this: inflammation and immune system function are inseparable. So, if you don't want to get sick don't get stressed because stress suppresses the immune system just like a shot inhibits inflammation.

Now, lets say you aren't a stressed person, but you do get sick. Sugar eventually kicks in stress hormone . . . think about it . . . Okay, let me help you out; sugar consumption is like being stressed to your body, so don't give your kids sugary drinks (juices included) and food if you don't want to always be fighting colds and infections.

The last few Healthpops have been about sugar. Sugar is a serious stressor as it roller-coasters insulin and causes stress hormone spikes, inflammation, immune suppression, and frankly, Alzheimer's and on and on . . . But now, we're focusing on stress. It's the number one ignored long term killer in my book in terms of isolating one issue.

I have a GREAT natural relaxer btw if you're interested.

If you think about the same things over and over you're stressed. You can't feel it, but you're aging the heck out of yourself and advancing disease. We have minor stressors all day long. Each time is like smoking without a cigarette as far as your body is concerned. If you don't believe me ask yourself this: Who would look worse in a one year period, a person that started smoking or a person that was just told by their spouse that they want a divorce?

Stanford University (and quite a few others) uses a device to measure stress in your heart and nervous system. This device shows how your heart has adapted, how dominant the stress side of your nervous system actually is, and how fatigued the system is as a whole. One study demonstrates that when this device shows that diabetics are measurably stressed they are 4 times more likely to die of all causes.

That's what stress does, worsen all causes.

. . . I have this device, and it's cool. Come in and get checked, it's five minutes naked. Just kidding, 6 minutes. Just kidding 5 minutes, clothing recommended.

Oh, you know how the only problem men have today is low testosterone? Well, stress shifts sex hormone production to stress hormone production. So if your stressed you can choose to learn better coping mechanisms. or get the shots so you reduce your ability to produce your own testosterone while your body has already reduced your production of testosterone. Interestingly enough, a great way to reduce stress is to exercise which also increases testosterone . . . next subject . . .

You need to learn the secret weapon. . . . suspended curiosity . . .______________________________________

Well, I wasn't the last guy in my neighborhood to mow his yard this year! I beat Rodney and the weird guy down the street. I rule.

That's exciting stuff. Not only did I mow, but I had to mow around flags in my yard because Google is laying down fiber everywhere. Yesterday, there was a Google guy in my shower. Awkward. I pounded him with my Direct TV dish, and buried him in my neighbor's back yard (then I called the cops on my neighbor). They're (Google guys) everywhere. Anyway, I mowed early WITH obstacles. Staying on top of things reduces stress.

One thing stress does is impact digestion.

For starters, it drys your mouth and suspends digestive enzyme and acid production. Think about this: the tube from your mouth to the other end is actually outside of your body. It's a continuation of the exterior.

The path through your GI system has to control insanely important variables to keep you healthy. It has to control getting the good stuff in and keeping the bad stuff out. That's why the bulk of your immune system (and nervous system) lies just outside your intestines.

Stress shrinks the lining of your gut which reduces the good bacteria. The good bacteria convert thyroid hormone, make neurotransmitters, produce butyrate, eliminate estrogen, and calm the immune system. Actually, one long term secret weapon is to take a good probiotic . . . which I have here . . . Oh, it's not the secret, but I'm gonna tell you some interesting things about the difference between men and women's guts on the date below.

Hmm, is it true that women have 78% more autoimmune diseases that men have? . . . why could that be?

Here's a bit of obscure health education: Okay, you have taste receptors on your tongue right? You can taste bitter correct? You know that already. That's kind of cool. What's mostest cooler is to know something nobody else does. You now know this: you have taste receptors for bitter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .in your lungs.

Whoa, that is cool”.

As you can imagine, there's a reason for having bitter receptors in your lungs that has to do with immunity. Suffice it to say, sugar messes this reason up and leaves you vulnerable to infections. This is why consuming bitter herbs is so good for you. And another example of why sugar is bad ________________________

Here's a dose of reality Our summer days are already getting shorter.

Not cool”.

Here's another “not cool”:

Per this graph, evidently, we've run out of testosterone shots over the last 25 years. That's the problem correct? We quit giving testosterone 27 years ago? Or are we giving testosterone and ignoring a glaring problem?

BUT, Morgan Freeman IS COOL. Wouldn't you agree?

Well, Morgan Freeman is gonna tell you some really cool things about how the body works on July 28th and 29th (if necessary) at 6:10 pm at my office. He's gonna give one thing that's a common denominator to many. This is monumental information and there's nothing for sale.

I am going to give you a recipe though . . .

These are things you won't read about because the info is synergistic; It's new science. It's cool things brought together and what they have in common as a secret weapon on how to take care of yourself.

If Morgan can't come that night we do have a great back-up plan so don't worry. If you don't think this is important ask yourself this: why is Barack Obama and Dr. Oz going to be there? Hint: they need to have incredible information to share as right now to make people happy and smarter.

If you could call to let me know if you'll be there that would be great 296-7039.



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