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don't worry about your brain

We will be talking a bit about the brain today. Things you don't know, things you can do that really matter. And of course, completely irrelevant things . . .

My youngest is driving now. Every time I pass her school I'm reminded that never again will I drop a child off at school in the morning before work. She even had her first date this year, Homecoming.

I will tell you, this change actually satisfies the second rule I've learned in 15 years of being a quack: Anything worth being sad over was worth having in the first place.

Speaking of which, if you have a son in the age range of 15-17 I would like you to give some thought into suggesting different/unique career paths for him that might make . . . my life/psychological well being more relaxing. Maybe you could recommend something in the Monastery Arts or even becoming a eunuch. They have some great programs in South America I hear.

Speaking of foreign lands take a ganders at this:

Check out what dimethypolysiloxan is in your free time. It's in your soda too. I wonder what the RDA is for that stuff.

You know, the RDA, the recommended daily allowance.

Like, on the back of Oscar Meyer Lunchables that people send their kids to school with, where it says on the side or back: in one 250 calorie serving you get 30% of your daily allowance for salt, 25% for fat, 4% vitamin A and so on.

Anyway, you should know that the RDA comes from the government trying to find the minimal amount of nutrients to put in rations during World War II to be able to keep our soldiers on the field. It's a real healthy guideline. In other words, less than the RDA and you're sick. Like weird kinds of sick.

It has nothing to do with health. It has to do with being able to shoot a gun before you die of malnutrition.

Did you see the new info out about skinny people not living as long as moderately overweight people?

Another stupid, stupid review that shouldn't have ever hit the news.

This isn't news. I've discussed it here before, a third of thin people have “fat” issues. Being skinny isn't the answer to health if you sit on your . . . couch all day eating garbage.

But maybe, as important as activity and eating right are to real health, a bigger deal is to . . . reduce stress.

Because of this fact, being thankful is my new thing.

True happiness requires you to be thankful. Studies show this; studies show that writing down 5 things you're truly thankful for every night before bed increases happiness. Of course I'm just reminding you of this. I've pointed this out before.

Studies also show that silencing your mind and/or focusing on the positive for 20 minutes a day literally causes a genetic change for the positive. You need to understand that you're wired to focus on the negative, so clear the brain once in a while.

Anger, stress, they do something to your brain. They both do something to your immune system that's serious business.

Anger triggers a cell messenger called IL6. IL6 excites microglia in your brain. In other words, anger, stress both inflame your brain for an undetermined amount of time. If you want your brain to work later in life, you don't want your microglia responding to imaginary threats. Out of control blood sugar does the same. YOU COULD HAVE BOTH! In fact, Microglia activation is what happens with traumatic brain injury!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! For the price of stress you not only get IL6, you can have polyreactive antibodies for free. A BONUS FOR THE SIMPLE ACT OF YELLING AT YOUR WIFE! OR EVEN THINKING ABOUT KILLING YOUR DAUGHTER'S HOMECOMING DATE! . . . I didn't do that, you can't prove it . . .



SO . . . DO YOU GET IT? . . .JUST THINK, YOU COULD SUE YOURSELF AS SOON AS YOUR EARLY 40's FOR THE PROBLEMS YOU CAUSED YOURSELF BY NOT KNOWING WHAT STRESS REALLY DOES . . . HOWEVER, YOU'VE ALREADY LOST THE CASE because . . .you were just advised what happens when you chronically think negative . . . so you can't pretend you didn't advise yourself of the inherent risks . . . case closed . . . sorry.

Back to the regularly scheduled Healthpop . . . This is fairly recent research. It seems as though the immune system might not be as particular as was previously believed. Polyreactive antibodies. They might be good in a burst of stress - a couple times.

Keep doing it, keep firing them up with stress. IL6 is bad enough. Confused antibodies, well. they'll eventually go after . . . you. Multiple Sclerosis comes to mind. Food sensitivities and stress are a bad combo for MS to spring forward (as is chlamydia for what it's worth). You have to understand, chronic diseases are not pre-determined. Human Genome projects are not supporting this idea.

But like they say, once you go auto-immune, you don't go back . . . maybe that's not what they say . . . but you can calm it down regardless. You calm by activating what's called your TH3 immune system, balancing TH1 and 2 (I'm not going into that here), and calming something called iNOS. I will say this is one reason why vitamin D is so important, and leave it at that: it's also why correctly checking gluten sensitivities matters. . . Every lab I've seen where a patient had thyroid antibodies also had low vitamin D. Every single one. I know a teenager with rheumatoid and her doctors have never checked her vitamin D level. Crazy. We focus on disease, not health. That's what happens when the absolute focus of your health care system is based upon what drug to use..

How do you activate TH3? Control your stress for starters, and for finishers you eat right and exercise intensely for short bursts. Honestly, doesn't it always come down to that?

You can supplement, which is important frankly, but you need to appreciate this parallel: when firefighters drop sand on forest fires from the sky, they don't add lighter fluid to the mix. In other words, you can't eat wrong, be stressed and think supplements are gonna be enough.

You also can't be sleep deprived and go to bed mad for 20 years with high blood sugar the whole time and think you're going to avoid finding yourself 5 blocks from your house one day wearing only socks on your ears and underwear on your head while confusing a stop sign for your spouse at 67 years old without the ability to find your way back home . . . did I paint a good enough picture there to get you to learn to discard stressful thinking?

You want a big brain and a brain that works. I know that I've got many convinced my IQ reaches three digits, and I appreciate the misconception, but by big brain I'm not talking smart; I'm literally talking about a brain that fills your head, not one that's shrunk too far.

You keep your brain big by not shrinking it with stress and sugar and you keep it working by challenging it and exercising intensely to stimulate growth hormone. Growth hormone is required for your brain to make new nerve connections. Remember years ago when I showed you the study that dancing had the greatest impact on 75 year old brains versus brain exercises?

Here's the deal, you can actually have brain atrophy, but still have a highly functioning brain if you've used it, educated it, and exercised. Studies show that more educated people can have more brain damage, but fewer symptoms from Alzheimer's because their brains can compensate better.

That will probably be my next class within a month or two. Brain stuff that will blow you away.

In conclusion, you wanna shrink your brain because you can't let something meaningless go? Let the others be unhappy.


I told you my second observation earlier about being thankful for sadness; here's my first. It's something I share with my daughter's and dating: anything worth having, is worth waiting for . . .

If you want to be stressed one way to do it is to rush the process of life. It rarely works. For example: 70% of people who come into large sums of money are broke within 7 years. Across the board. There's a necessary process in learning how to handle money. That's just a monetary example of my rule.

If you're stressed, trust me, you're just getting prepared for a better day. I'm out of room but:

The new year is starting so I want to share with you one way to look at how you take care of yourself so you understand how it matters. FAST OR SLOW. That's it, FAST OR SLOW.

Ever see a guy with a bad knee at 40 years old from a football injury in high school? It hurts because the injury sped up the aging process of the knee. That knee is older because the cells turned over early from inflammation and trauma. A bad diet, stress, both cause inflammation, and turn cells over to cause the things you should experience later in life to occur sooner. Not only that, they cause you to have problems that you may not have to have ever experienced in the first place.

I've had patients tell me, “if you're gonna get it you're gonna get it”. Maybe. Maybe so. At minimum, you're gonna get “it” early if you don't take care of yourself. And the truth is, there are things you'll get that you shouldn't have.

As a chiropractor for example, I'll tell you that letting your posture go will wear out your joints early and sedate your nervous system output (absolute fact). Do you want that FAST OR SLOW?


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