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Use this part of you less for the new year . . .

It’s that time.  Time for resolutions.  I’m gonna help.  It’s gonna be great. 

Now, before we start I just wanted to point out something that should blow you away.  We (the U.S.) possess 5% of the global population, but take 50% of the prescriptions medication, and 80% of the opioids.

We are undernourished, over-caloried, bent-over, stressed, and toxic.

Back to the start:  No more promising to go to the gym, lose 10 lbs., quit smoking, quit sweets or quit feeding your exe’s dog laxatives.  Because, before we know it January 2nd gets here; it’s all over and the former girlfriend has to clean her carpet again.

This is a new idea based upon what I think is the biggest health issue everybody ignores.

As I’ve said before, we can age slow or we can age fast.  Either way life will catch up with us, but slow is better.

You’ve also heard it here before, stress makes everything worse:  cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, memory loss, weak bones and muscles, loss of immune function, digestion, serious hormone problems, outlook, and on and on . . .

Stress is like a concussion to your brain. 

Your brain naturally shrinks.  You know this right?  Your frontal lobe shrinks 25% by age 80 and the memory part is worse.  50% of us have Alzheimer’s by 80.   Stress speeds up the loss more   than anything unless you box or bash heads for a living.

Exercise is a great treatment for stress, and it’s great for your brain.  Here’s a basic fitness test you can try on your own.  Take your shirt off and twirl it above your head as you run down a hall yelling, “fiddlesticks, faddlesticks, alphabet soup”.   When you get to the end of the hall stand on one leg and kick the other out to your side and say, “pumpkin hole” . . . wait, I’m sorry, that’s not a fitness test.

That’s a test I used to give college friends when they claimed they hadn’t been drinking.  When they proudly finished my challenge, I let them know they failed spectacularly.  They would argue that they performed it successfully.  I always countered that no sober person would attempt this ridiculousness.

New research shows laughing drops stress hormone 40% and anxiousness hormones 70%.  A sense of humor decreases early death in women by 48%, and women are less likely to leave a man with a sense of humor.  In my experience, if a woman laughs at you when wearing a bathing suit, you better be able to laugh with her.  That’s all I’m saying  . . .

Q:  What’s one thing that seems to help shrinkage?  Brain shrinkage.  A:  B vitamins.  You can do the research if you want.  I’m just telling you a fact.  Natural is better because folic acid doesn’t occur in nature for example, and it’s not the best.  So, go for whole food vitamins.  I have them if you want.

Stress is like a blockade to hormone production.  Any wonder why everybody wants guys on testosterone today?

For example, when Iowa State beats Iowa I turn into a woman for three days.  Sad, but almost true.  Stress kills testosterone (and thyroid).

Here’s some foundation for our new year’s resolution:   Did you know blind people can often see . . . even though they can’t.  You see, nerve impulses from the eye don’t just go to the vision center.  They are processed in other areas as well so when you ask a blind person to locate something many times they can point to it even though they can’t “see” the object.  This is because there are other areas of the brain involved in recognition.

It works in people WITH sight as well.  How do you think a baseball player can hit a 100-mph pitch that he can’t even see?  Other areas of the brain are working on the image before you recognize it.  How do texters not crash their car?  Every.  Single. Day.??  They’re idiots that’s how.  Knock it off texters . . .

Anyways . . .

How is this relevant?  It’s kind of sad but it matters to our new year’s resolution. 

Here it is:  our brain prepares to do something before we “decide” to do it up to 7 seconds (usually less than a second) before we recognize a conscious choice.  You aren’t even making a choice, it’s being fed to your conscious from hidden parts of your brain.  That’s why it’s important to consider what you spend time listening to, who you listen to, what you spend your time doing.  These things wind up making choices for you, and you don’t even recognize it.  It’s known that the easiest way to gain weight is to have heavy friends, one of the easiest ways to lose weight is to hang out with thin people.  Get it?  I’m not making these things up by-the-way.  Subconscious, It’s not just for Freud anymore.

You’re 77% more likely to buy a German wine if German music is playing when you choose what wine to buy.

A study gave people the choice of 4 detergents to use, and were to report back which one worked best.  Overwhelmingly, they chose the one that happened to have  a blue and yellow box.  Unfortunately, all the detergent was the same product, just different packaging.

People think they enjoy the qualities of a product, but our experience is highly impacted by marketing/subconscious cues.

Ever heard of the “Pepsi Paradox”?  In blind taste tests Pepsi always beats Coke.  When people can see what they’re drinking Coke always beats Pepsi.  Research concludes that it’s the feel-good commercials Coke has run for years and how it works our brains.  I don’t have room to explain why, but it’s fascinating.

I could go on . . . and on, but suffice it to say, many of our beliefs or understanding of what influences us to make certain choices are patently false.  Things are imprinting on us all the time.  These things influence our decisions, our behavior, and despite what is known objectively today we won’t admit it to ourselves.

So now . . . admit it, most of our background thoughts are garbage.

Our subconscious brain works constantly and independently.  It’s hidden from us, but it’s impact is anything but hidden.  It shapes how we experience and respond to the world. 

Don’t be a slave to it.

How do we change it?  Easy.  You work out; you get stronger.  In the same way, you change your thought habits, you think different.  But first, know this:  diets don’t work.

What I mean is, most people that lose weight gain it back.  Likewise, if you learn to control your stress you can expect to lose control again . . . unless you truly understand:  your thoughts are mostly garbage, your opinions are only valid to the company you keep (see politics, see religion, see confirmation bias).  Your stress is just a biased reality.

Research shows that people who journal the things that they should be thankful for at the end of each day increase their happiness over a short period.  So, changing your stress level is just changing a thought.  Dumping a worthless, automated thought for a thankful thought changes your life.  Name one instance worry improved an outcome in your life.  Where else in life do you waste so much time that has proven not to help anything?  Actually, probably in a lot of areas like eating sugar . . .

There’s also interesting research on how amazingly terrible our brains are at recognizing patterns/trends.  There’s also mind-blowing research on how inaccurate and vulnerable emotional memories are, but I don’t have enough space.


On a parting note.  I see quite a few people that have lost their spouses.  Many struggle, many find ways to move on.  For example, some find another partner.  They often cite that this is what their spouse would have wanted and are happy for them from heaven.  That’s fantastic.  It’s a great outlook and helps you to live happily ever after.

I just have one message for the guy that would replace me should I leave early:  I’ll be waiting for you buddy, and I work out . . .

By the way, physical problems prolong mental stress.  Chiropractic should be a regular part of a healthy life.  You can’t expect me to leave that one out can you?

So, New Year’s resolution(s):

  1.  Quit talking to yourself.  It’s garbage, so spend your thoughts being thankful.
  2. Love your neighbor.
  3. Make Chiropractic part of your healthy habits ; )


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